Workshop Evaluation from Antonietta in Italy

Dearest Gloria,

finally I send you with great joy my answers to the Questionaire:

1) I would describe my Godwriting experience as a Great Love Experience!

2) As I first met Gloria I felt  immense Love coming out of her heart, I touched her  pure Love and for me  this has been a wonderful Blessing!

3) I was very happy because I also had the opportunity to meet very nice people, people that chose the spiritual path as I also did... I felt very close to them... and I will keep this feeling of Oneness deeply in me....

4) This Workshop gave me the confirmation that I am on the right way.

5) It has been very important for me to meet other people, now I know that I am not alone but I am surrounded by very deep and joyful souls.....

From other's people Godwriting I learned that God is Present in each creature and wants to help everybody in the best way for each one in order to live a life full of Love and Joy

6) In this short time I did feel immersed in the wonderful feeling of Oneness!!!

7) For the moment I have no questions, I feel gratitude, only gratitude for this beautiful Love Sharing Experiece!

8) No words can express my inner feeling of happiness and joy...Everything has been perfect!

9) Yes, certainly, my comments may be used on the Website, Godwriting blogs, on any books or online courses or somewhere in the future.

Thank  you Gloria, thank you Santhan from the deepest of my heart for coming  to Italy!

I'll always carry your Light and Love with me!!!

God bless you for your presence in this world!

yours Antonietta


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Ciao Antonietta! :)
At first I thought I missed a member of the group: I didn't remember of Antonello :) I completely quote what you wrote and reading your words put me back to the beautiful moments spent during the workshop. Thanks for what you shared with all of us and thanks to the two God's Wings who landed in Turin and gifted us with their love! A big hug and kisses!

Beloved Andrea, this is my mistake. I meant Maria Antonietta! Please excuse my error. Antonello is part of Antonietta's email address. I must stop rushing. But, of course, you figured it out. Grazie.

Beloved Antonietta,
so happy to read your post here and oh, what an emotion to go back to the workshop. I am so happy and grateful that we shared these precious moments and I will be glad to embrace you again very soon.
infinite love !!!

My dear Gloria,

I read all your blogs and quite often i want to chake you when you belittle yourself. Gloria You are All LOVe and people recognise it when they meet you I never met you but I have recognised the love you send out and am grateful receiving it. When you think you have done something that is not to your liking, like braking an arm,do not say you were inatentive and let others think you might be stupid, Gloria Dear "YOU ARE PERFECT" same as everyone else, are we not al children from GOD.Thank you Antonietta for telling people about the LOVE radiating from OUR Beloved Gloria Love you All Jack

Beloved Jack, thank you for your words and love.

The thing is I don't want anyone to have inflated ideas. I do love a lot, but I don't always love. I am working on it.

It would be impossible not to love at a Godwriting workshop! The joy of those dear people who want to come closer to God and don't mind saying so.

And I was totally not paying attention when I broke my shoulder!

Loving you,


P.S. Also, in some blog entries like Saint Heaven Admin, every word is true, yet, at the same time, I see the humor. Every word is true yet not to be taken seriously. :)

Dear Gloria!
You and Santhan are very special and the love you share is really palpable through the Heavenletters and in person. An addded value, at least to my eyes, is that I feel you being like me (well, in most cases the best part of me): I see you as simple and handsome persons sharing your love and your gifts with everyone you meet. Not being too "perfect" and always trying to better yourselves makes you even much more dear to me: I feel you very near, like a brother & a sister, like dear companions walking with me on the path to the original source of all the Created. Kisses!
P.s. of course I too agree 100% with Jack! :)

Dear brother Andrea, thrilled and proud to be walking with you and all the Heavenreaders to the original Source of all the Created.

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