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Don't you just love this photo?

Chris Macklen sponsored the Godwriting™ workshop in Welling, Kent, England, right outside London.  It was such a treat to meet Chris and her family and see her garden and eat fresh buns she made from scratch and a fabulous vegetable casserole.  What a magnificent beginning of the European Godwriting tour.

The workshop was in Chris's home, in her dining room. Oh, to be in England.

Here is Chris's evaluation of the workshop:

*How would you describe your experience of Godwriting?

I was surprised at how easy it was.

* What was the point where “something” happened, where a light went on, when you “got” it?  What inroads have you made in this ordinary/extraordinary practice? How do you feel about it?

I realised there was something special going on when there was an interruption in the Godwriting session and I was still able to go back to the sentence I was writing.  So, clearly my "connection" was still there, waiting for me to give it my attention again!

The most surprising part was when I thought my Godwriting session had come to a close (I'd reached the bottom of a page) and then I noticed a space on the left margin of the page and felt like doodling there.  I wrote some words which led me to drawing tulips and then - boom! - God was off again, wanting me to turn the page and keep writing and that's when the most profound words came.

*What stood out most for you in the workshop? What made you glad? What is the one thing you would never have wanted to have missed? Why?

The most precious part was sharing the writings.  I was amazed at how much more I "heard" when I read out my own Godwritings.  It was touching.  Some parts made me laugh, and some brought tears to my eyes (this sounds familiar, Gloria).  And then hearing another's Godwriting and how different the voice was there - so clearly the words that come forward are designed to be just for us in language that means the most to us.  The writing of others is beautiful too - just a little different, the language is different.

*What would you have wanted more of in this workshop?

More stories from Gloria!

*What importance did the group play for you? What did you learn fro m other people’s Godwriting here?

It was a small group - lucky me!  I learned how similar we are in our desires, in our questions.

*Just in this short time, do you feel something different?  Even almost imperceptibly?

Yes, certainly a warmth, a relaxation deep inside.

*What other questions do you think of?

I wonder how many questions I will have for God until I have asked enough.  Will there come a time when I stop questioning?

*What else would you like to say? What suggestions do you have about anything at all?

I enjoyed the music session!  It was fun to improvise with different instruments and to co-ordinate with the other players.

*May your comments here be used on the web site or on the Godwriting blog or in a book or online course or somewhere at a future time?

Yes, of course!

Thanks, Chris, for everything!

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