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santhan  photo2Turin, Italy Godwriting™ workshop

Of course, God stars in the Godwriting™ workshops. God is truly the one who gives the workshops.

Apart from God, the most wonderful thing is the people who come to learn. What sincere seekers of God in Torino. What innocence! And what Godwriting!

One of the most interesting things that happened was that Magda, the sponsor of the workshop found she had to do her Godwriting in English! The Italian words just wouldn't come!

What a workshop this was! It took place in a beautiful building called the Gardenio de Vita in a sunlit room with French doors. How beautifully Magda prepared everything so that I could just step in.  Heaven Admin and I were blessed to be part of this workshop in Italia with these people.

Each Godwriting workshop is special. This past weekend's workshop in Turin, Italy, was especially dear. You will see why.

First of all, it is at this workshop that I met several people I knew deep in my heart from the Heavenletter Spritual Community forum. First, there was Pitta who posts frequently in her humble English. Nothing stops Pitta. What a spirit she has. Her posts have touched everyone who reads the forum.

Then there is Berit whose heart is so big she always offers to help. She is always sunlight on the forum. Berit sees a need and is there to help.

And then there is Emilia who had the idea for this workshop and asked. Had Emilia not asked, I don't know how the workshop would have happened. Emilia is also one who is ever willing to help in whatever way help is needed.

On the forum people express their deepest hearts, and so it is easy to feel close to them, so these were dear friends I was finally blessed to meet in person.

Magda, the sponsor of the Torino workshop, and I became dear friends through email. We consulted back and forth about the workshop, and she planned everything perfectly. And so we also met as old friends -- or sisters.

With blessed Heaven Admin at my side,  now I have had the deep pleasure also to meet Luca, Andrea, Pieranna, Rosina, Enza, Antonietta, Gracia, and Cristine, Each is a special ray of the diamond we call God. I wish everyone I know could have been at this workshop and seen the wonder of it.

God was definitely in that room. We all felt it. We were submerged in it. Yes, there was love, but I am speaking of more than love. God's Presence filled that room.

What made this workshop spectacular, I ask myself.

Everyone Godwrote as if they had been doing it all their lives. Everyone at the Torino workshop "got" it quickly, and they knew what they had gotten. They were so warm and appreciative of everything. We had many laughs and many tears. It is the tears that tell me that people have had a breakthrough.

How wonderful it is when one person learns to Godwrite. Multiply that when it is a group of beautiful hearts who learn together. We were all equal. It was hard for me to keep my feet on the ground. And we had fun, so much fun.

I'm going to share the Godwriting I received during the first day of the workshop and I will end this blog here, with more to follow as soon as I can:

Gloria to God:

Dear God, my heart is so touched by this workshop. What people. What hearts. What minds. Please tell me about the magnificence of this group of people. Why are we particular thirteen people here? What is the meaning?

God to Gloria:

One of Me is meeting here today. "I am here." That is all it is.

I met with Myself and how grateful I am for this meeting of Myself. You were all made in My image. What is an image but a reflection of Me, and you, this group, express Me very well.

Was it the group's seeking Me, or I seeking you. I cannot tell you apart. There was one of Me in a prism.  My light, My light. Oh, My beloved light, O Light of Myself. This is what I like to do, to hear Myself speak. I like to speak, and I like to listen. I sing a song of Myself in a million different ways.

I pick up a feather, and it is I. I pick up a chair, and it is I. I pick up a thought, and it is Mine.

I am One, and everyone here is One with Me, and I with them. There is only I. How precious is this moment I spend with Myself.

I am like a rose, and you are the petals of My rose. How varied are My petals. How they turn to reveal Me.

All of you who came to this workshop may have thought you were coming for yourself. I will now tell you that you came at My request to secure the heart of the world. You are establishing My love in place. The love from your hearts is reverberating in other hearts. No one will know it is you, but they will know something happened. They may laugh or they may cry, but love will start blossoming out all over.

The new world is beginning with you.

And so we have met. I have met with Myself. And now I will meet again with Myself, and I will be known.


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Gloria, dear, I am so happy to hear from you and Santhan. And of course I am exited to read God's words about the workshop and the people attending it, many petals of the same rose. I will tell you something: after Turin I went to London and yesterday evening my husband and I were having a dinner at the Buddha Bar with two friends of us when, while eating and listening to the music, the lady told me:"Emilia, I see a special glow in your eyes, I can't explain, but it is as it has something to do with love". I was shocked as she knows
nothing about my "spiritual side". Then today I read what God told you: "The love from your hearts is reverberating in other hearts. No one will know it is you, but they will know something happened." Gosh!

Dear Gloria and Friends,
This past Saturday I was filled with a special love for everyone here in Fairfield. I called several people and made visits to people I had not seen for awhile.

All day my heart was happy and full of friendship for all the people I met, some complete strangers.

It was a wonderful day and I cannot help to think that your special group contributed to the heart connection that I felt.

Emilia and Jacqueline, how BEAUTIFUL are your comments!

Beloved Gloria and beloved Santhan,

I have no words to express how wonderful, amazing and loving the workshop was. I can't believe already a week has passed since we met and I couldn't believe you being in Turin last week. it was soooooo beautiful !! I love the wonderful people that shared the workshop, all so beautiful hearts, and yes, as you say, sincere seekers of God. I am so glad we have all met, a wonderful gift of God.
How amazingly beautiful the Godwritings were, so inspiring, so profound and overwhelming. They were so beautiful that I was at a loss at what to say, just floating in the divine message we had all just received. God expressing through all of us and all being ONE. Every Godwriting is unique and special and so beautiful, and all sharing enriches us, enriches our hearts.
Emilia, how happy to have met you and yes, and I well understand your friend. you are so gentle and sweet and it was so beautiful and fun to be with you. Such beautiful petal of God indeed !!
Jacqueline dear, love links our hearts together and so it is wonderful to read of your experience of oneness and total love for all.
And, oh, sooooooooooooooo beautiful Santhans photo !!!!! I loved the exercises we made, they really touched my heart.
Infinite and sweetest HEAVEN LOVE to all !!!!!

Beloved Gloria and Santhan,
Beloved all friends,
this message from God is a marvellous thing, more than words could say. I belive everyone read it was amazing.
It was a privilege to be there, with all of you and I also belive that everyone has had the same sensation to be all One.
Something changed.
Love to all


Pitta, or Patrizia, the words I associate with you is energy, joy, play, movement; what I associate to you, Berit, is warmth, nurture, care, peace. Just a slight turn of the kaleidoscope and you appear in your colors, so unique and so bright. I have been blessed to stay with you and to know you both. With love

Beloved Berit, I missed to thank you for the beautiful words you had for me. You indeed moved me!

Ho-ho!, Emilia,

you don't know how was and is my pleasure to know you. I look around in my daylife and always I see your eyes, your special eyes smile to everyone with your deep energy.
Huumm, I think everyone of us was been blessed to be there, all togheter, everyone for his/her special gifts.
I love you all so much.

Dearest Emilia and dearest Pitta,

I think the beauty of our meeting was that our hearts were wide open and God came through. We really met. I am so glad because it is rare to meet hearts in such a gentle way.
I am waiting for Santhan's photos and the photos of the workshop in turkey.
I embrace you both dearly and hold you in my love and I thank you !!
Infinite Love ♥

Beloved Godwriters!
It's been an amazing experience. Gloria just played the role of a facilitator: it all seemed so simple; with her words, energy and love she made all of us express what we felt inside with no difficulty. Words came out pure and easily like water from a mountain spring. The group has been perfect in a such armony that made time and space something ethereal, impalpable. Tears and laughs mixed themselves with no effort, it all seemed so natural... It's true, when we live with open hearts, me and you don't exist, only us as unity exists. It's a rare moment to be experienced nowadays, so I'm very gratefull to Gloria, Santhan and to all the bros and sisters who made this happen. A big kiss to all of you.
Joy and peace!

Beloved Gloria, Santhan and dearest Godwriters,
how wonderful it is to feel your love, your joy, your energy here in this sacred space, the same love, joy, energy we ALL felt when we met in Torino.
By all means, it was a family reunion and what a great reunion! We did feel that we are ONE in the heart of God!
As God told me when I did Godwriting the following day: "You have been gathered by Me in this special blessed place to learn to hear My ever-speaking voice and clear up the mind from your doubts and fears!"
GAthered by God! Isn't that wonderful?
So, my beloved spiritual family, I send my love and a very big hug to all of you.
So long, until nex time,

O, beloved Magda, and everyone who has given of their hearts here, thank you for posting. It means so much that you share yourselves here with everyone who enters this blog. You are the waves of the Ocean of Godwriting, and you continue the tide of your love. it reaches everywhere.

Magda, dearest Magda, infinite love and thanks to you dear. I hope to see you soon again.
a big big hug to you dear !!

Dearest Magda,how nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for all your work. I really enjoied the cd with you reading Heavenletters. We have been lucky to find you on our way, you made everything become possible. Much love.
P.S. Your Godwriting seems really good!

Thank you, dearest all!
I wish you a wonderful day, in the Light of God.
Blessings and Love,

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