Xena at a Plateau

Xena, the abused dog that Lauren has taken into her home, has made progress, yet the progress comes and goes. There are beautiful breakthroughs, like her snuggling with Lauren. And then Xena doesn't snuggle again. And our hearts sink.

Yesterday, in my personal Godwriting, I asked God about Xena. I've got to say that God has a way of soothing all woes.

Gloria to God:

Dear God, Lauren and I have such feelings for Xena, and we want her to be a regular dog. She has her tail between her legs all the time. It feels like that from the moment she was born, the only safe thing for her to do was to be afraid and hide. Although she does progress, her progress is not a constant. As Lauren puts it, fear is in her DNA.

We can see that Xena wants to come to us, for instance, and she tries, and yet each time she swerves back. She may do this ten times, and not come to us. She can’t seem to break through her enormous conditioning.

Xena lived with Yael and her dog, Nafi, at Noah’s Ark. When Yael and Nafi come over, Xena comes to life. When they leave, she cries.

We hand feed her as much as possible.  Please tell us what more we can be doing.


Know that Xena is all right as she is. Xena doesn’t know she is unhappy. She knows what is familiar to her. She fears, but she doesn’t know the word fear. What you call fear is just what Xena is used to.

So it is you and Lauren who are unhappy and fearful for Xena. It is you who see that something is the matter.

Have in mind that it is all right for Xena to be as she is. Accept her. The world says she is damaged. Xena doesn’t know that.

Be happy for Xena. She has a good home with love and good food.

Know that she will step out of the chains that fetter her. The moment will come when she accepts the different world she is in and will become a puppy again. Be glad Lauren took Xena to her heart. Be glad you do. Be happy for Xena, not sad.

Xena is alive today. She leads a blessed life.


Lauren thinks of a dog companion for Xena, and yet it has not happened so far.


The right dog companion for Xena will come. Watch for the dog who shows up on your doorstep. It is for Xena that the dog comes.


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What an absolutely stunning reply - I don't believe it! Seems like very very much is falling into place with these few words: She leads a blessed life.

She doesn't kow! And WE are meant to consciously un-know to be able to realize the blessedness of our lives. Hasn't God said that we can be happy even in unhappiness. Xena does just that. She knows nothing else, so it's easier for her than it is for us. She must have come to teach us. Wow.

Nafi (Yael's dog - Xena's sister) came and spent the day with Xena yesterday. Xena watches how Nafi and I interact, and gets more comfortable. I took the two doggies on a long walk, which was the first time Xena has felt safe enough to go very far.

And sometimes I forget to notice progress. Xena walks around the house now, she came into mom's office yesterday, she walks into my office sometimes. I am proud of her.

I'm proud for YOU. To be witness to a miracle of your own making is a wonderful blessing. You are a blessing to Xena and are blessed by her continued progress and acceptance of the life she is being offered. The message from God is soooo beautiful.

These words of God are even more profound than I realized at first. Tears when I read them. I have ben told, "Know less, know nothing, be unknowing." I did not really understand. I had to wait for Xena to teach me. She "will become a puppy again". Does that remind me of something?

Wow! what a heart warming/wrenching story re Xena, Lauren and Gloria..It smacks of the Human condition,challenging us(me) to move beyond what I(the ego mind)think it's supposed to look like.
And once again, God sets us straight!
"Let all things be exactly as they are" comes to mind. I propose that when I see Xena's perfection, exactly as she is, I will, once again, heal the sense of separation with myself...
I'm grateful for Xena and her Humans, for providing this opportunity for me!

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