Zena, the Warrior Princess

Zena the Princess WarriorNoah's Ark takes in stray cats and dogs, and some of the dogs have been abused.  Zena, the Warrior Princess, is such a dog.  The photo doesn't show her timidness, but she was so badly abused, she is in constant fear of everything, noises, even the most ordinary sounds, motions, even a vacuum when it's just standing and not running.  The good people at Noah's Ark gave Zena a brave name, hoping that Zena would absorb the courage.

Yael, a friend who does some of the day to day caring of the dogs and cats at Noah's Ark, took frightened Zena into her apartment upstairs inside the main building. Yael feels that she can't give Zena the time and total tenderness she needs. Because of Lauren's success with Jack, Yael wondered if Lauren would foster Zena and work wonders with her too.

Zena reminds me of beloved Ginger who came to us so long ago and wouldn't dare let us go near her for a month. Ginger didn't know that there was such a thing as play. She thought that pain was natural. She was terrified of plastic bags, and wouldn't you know, they would gravitate toward her, scare her, and somehow get caught on her little foot in her haste to escape them.

The thing with Ginger was that we also had Sunshine. Nothing fazed Sunshine. Ginger adored him and copied him in everything. She would watch Sunshine being happy with us, and gradually she learned she was safe too.

Lauren will visit Zena soon. I don't know how she will be able to resist.

Will keep you posted.


Since I first started writing this blog entry, Lauren has visited Zena and did fall in love with her. Apparently, the bureaucracy does not allow fostering, however.

Subsequently, my friend Dianita and I went to visit Noah's Ark and we, too, fell in love with Zena.

Yael has a darling apartment upstairs in Noah's Ark, and Zena has been living there with Yael and Yael's dog Nafi. Zena hides in a corner or will come out and lie on a corner of Yael's bed against the wall.

My feeling is that it is best for Zena to stay where she is with Yael. She is safe there and loved. Next time I visit Yael and Noah's Ark, I will bring my camera and take pictures (unless that frightens Zena.)

To see pictures of Gingie and Sunshine and read more about them, visit:


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Senora, all your recent posts about our animal friends are motivating me to go see what I can do to help at the local animal shelter.

How was the "holiday"?

One Love

Senor, I remember so well how you helped the animals in Romania. I remember the little dog Denis who lived with so many cats! There are photos of you in the Bucharest animal shelter here:


Taking time off taught me a lot! Mostly, it was a matter of attitude. Of course, I still did the basics, yet I had the idea that I had the days off. I will try to do this every week.

Many thanks to you and Annette for covering for me.

God bless you!

With love,


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