Do you remember Zena?

 Zena's name is properly spelled Xena. She is the severely abused dog that Noah's Ark took in and has given very special care to.  Read the past history here:

Xena has finally come to live with my daughter, Lauren.  Xena will break your heart. She is breaking mine. Her body is scarred. She lies on Lauren's couch and hides under the cushions for safety.  She doesn't make a sound. Not one sound. Not a whimper, not a bark. She just lies under the cushions and hides and sleeps. She has a blankie.

She won't drink water or eat when anyone is around.

Xena is beyond timid and so sweet. There isn't a mean bone in her body.  She is only sweetness.

Xena doesn't ask to go outside. In fact, she is too afraid to move at all. On a positive note, she is progressing.  Now Xena will let Lauren walk her around in the yard a little, and Xena will sniff around a little bit the way dogs are supposed to do. Xena is so brave. Lauren hopes that in time she can take Xena for walks outside the yard.

Xena will look up now when we pet her  -- sometimes. This is very brave of her. She gets petted a lot.

We don't ask anything of Xena, though, we would dearly love to see her happy and frolic and even be naughty.

Later, when we can be sure she won't be frightened, we will take pictures of her without a flash.

I have so many questions, as you can imagine. How could people have been so cruel? What abuse had they themselves taken? What joy they could have had with Xena and missed out on. Had they given her a name, and what was it? How did Xena survive? How did Xena get away?  How can such a thing even happen, and what is the meaning of it all?

And, meanwhile, Xena is a sweet sweet blessing.


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Thank you, Gloria, for writing this blog entry just now when I was being nervous with our dog. She has refused to eat since four days now, but I didn't worry about it because she's capable of staying without food for days, if she it's something she doesn't like. Last night she wouldn't let me sleep at all, she kept throwing up (only water, as she hasn't had anything to eat). SHe is a japanese spaniel, and can be very fussy. So this morning I took her to the vet,and this afternoon I'll have to take her again. My husband is at home after his shoulder surgery, so I've got to look after him as well. So I can understand people who get nervous with animals. I can understand how you can fall in love with an animal and take it home with you, but I can also understand if you are not able to take care of it. What I cannot understand is abuse and mistreatment. The people who first took Xena must have had some love in their hearts, but maybe they lost it along the way.

My comment is based on my belief that Xena, along with all animals, and plants and rocks for that matter, are people in training at one level or another. It is very difficult for me to listen to stories such as Xena's but my understanding is that God is able to turn such stories into a happy ending sooner or later.

That the "later" sometimes occurs beyond our ability to see means that we often have to trust God in order to avoid ending up in anger or cynicism or other self-destructive mindsets.

I would say that Xena is one of the most fortunate doggies in the world seeing where she has ended up. Who knows how she got in such a state? God knows, and so does someone who may be in as desperate need of God's love as Xena herself, but it probably isn't necessary to know the answer.

Xena some day when she has finished this particular lifetime, and perhaps some others with new lessons, could end up running an orphanage or a refugee camp or some other place where an intimate knowledge of suffering could make all the difference in healing souls for the return trip back home to God.

All of that is speculation. Knowing what Xena needs and providing it is the order of the day, and the whole Universe is smiling to see this being done so well.

Wow, Charles, your comment that "so does someone who may be in as desperate need of God's love as Xena herself," puts the emphasis right where it needs to be. Thank you. Thank Godde that Xena has a new home and will know only love from here on out.

Gloria dear, what a posting !! I don't have any answers of course, but I thank God that Xena now has found Heaven with you and need not be afraid any more. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could abuse animals or anyone.
I will really love to hear the progress she will surely make with your loving care. I have no words to express my feelings, but I'm ever so glad that Xena's nightmare is once and for all finished. I send her a kiss.
Much love dear !

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