Things I Wonder About

I wonder:

Why is it considered terrible when someone resists arrest? Or tries to escape prison? If someone were chasing me, I would run away. If I were locked up, I would want to get out.

I wonder: Does anyone really answer those spams about winning the million-dollar lottery?

When 99% or more of people are nice, even wonderful, how, at the same time, can negativity and craziness exist, and sometimes seem to rule?

How can even the most wonderful people have ideas different from mine?

Who first started these imaginary lines that make borders around countries in the first place? Who first claimed ownership and didn’t want to share and made it seem sacred not to?

Why am I so snobbish about other people who are snobbish?

Why do rules and legislation bother me so much?

Why are we not free to roam?

How can there be so many beautiful languages and cultures?

Why do some words make me happy and others do not?

What really makes dogs so loving and as devoted as they are?

Why do some movie stars have great appeal to me and I dislike others for no reason?

How is it possible that my life has changed so dramatically?

How much of our lives is self-determined, and how much is set?

Why can't I be taller?

Why do I believe everything God says except that we are already enlightened?

And I wonder what you wonder about.


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Gear Gloria!

When You get a bit older,like me You stop wondering and only enjoy live, If someone is irritating I leave and see something beautiful. Like television and its mute button and the stars outside. Why do people think different??? Who cares! Some vibrations are enjoyable and enjoy others are not and leave. Simple but then I was born simple and always have been simple and I enjoy a simple live. Love you all. Jack

I wonder why/how the stars are so beautiful?
I wonder what's beyond Heaven?
Why do I get the feeling that people get nervous when I'm around and sometimes run away?
I wonder why my heart aches even though knowing that all of this is not as real as it appears?
I wonder why everybody does not integrate some form of yoga in their lives?
At which point did we start heading for the cities and leave the sweet scent of nature behind?
Isn't it amazing how a bird in song can be a first hand experience of God?
Why is the lottery so important?
Surely horses and dolphins are close relatives? There's that look in their eyes.
How is it that pieces of paper and numbers on a screen can have so much power? Isn't it obvious that money is empty?
How is it that the sweetest music doesn't require instrument nor speakers, just emptiness of mind?
Are my fingers too small or the holes on this bamboo flute too far apart. I wonder if the flute maker will exchange it tomorrow?
Why are there no sail ships to cross the oceans on? Surely there is a market out there for people who would prefer to sail accross the ocean from continent to continent rather than fly?
I wonder how many people saw the new moon tonight with the star placed directly below it?
Why don't we all ride bicycles?

Jack and One, I think you two ought to take over the blog, and I would be so happy to ooh and ahh over your beautiful expressions of God. Jack, I think of you as a juggler of the ages. Not sure what that really means, but those are the words that came to me. I know it means something wonderful.

One, your questions are so beautiful. Indeed, why don't we still have sailing ships?

Hagi from Israel sent me a photo of the moon with the star placed directly below it. Will that count for something?

Why don't we all ride bicycles? Instead we drive cars to places of exercise.

Yes, the flute maker will exchange the flute tomorrow.

We never want your heart to ache. It makes my heart ache to think your beautiful heart ever aches.

The industrial revolution made us leave the land.

You wonder about expansive things to wonder about. I wish I had thought of your questions.

With love and blessings,


Dear Gloria!!

Why not sailing Ships??? A motorized vessel is much easier to handle and a lot safer for the people that work on it also much more comfortable for passengers. A sailing ship looks beautiful and romantic but believe me to sail it is hard Jacker. And I was born Lazy Love you all Jack

If there are questions there are answers. And the answer is infinity.

God is the ALL THAT IS and is expanding infinitly. We are part of God and so we assist in expanding the universe. It's that simple.

Suffering, blablabla and so on? The answer is simple as well. We are lifing on a free will planete. So what we think and what we do describes our reality. As much as we are connected with each other we are separated as well. This separation was a free choice. Now we need to handle it. And come together again in peace and harmony.

Age does not matter at all. There might be babys on this earth which are much older than we are.

Much Love and Light


I wonder how I ever got through a day without a Heavenletter in my eMail box ...

I wonder how I missed the beauty in what I once considered mundane or plain ... and count it a miracle that I see it now ... and wonder what new wonders I will encounter next ... like wonderful blogs and incredible posts

Dear Kaetie,

I wonder about that too. "No" seems to be louder than "Yes." Gets more attention. And pulls us down.

You are so right that the positive is our choice. I am choosing it with you, dear one.

With love and blessings,


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