The True Seat of Intelligence

Kudos to Laura Weinberg for hosting a Continuing Ed Godwriting™ workshop in Fairfield in February! You made a beautiful offering, Laura. I see that it was a great continuing ed workshop! And, yes, I will tell Santhan that you say hi to him from all of you!

Here’s what I understand from what Laura shared so magnificently from the workshop:

Stephen read again the powerful statement from the last Godwriting Continuing Ed in which God said to Stephen:

I reside in the heart of hearts. You know your heart is the key.

Stephen noted that since God’s words, he has been inspired to experience life more by putting attention on his heart.  He also told us that he read somewhere that when babies are formed, the heart is formed before the brain, and that the heart is the true seat of intelligence. Very beautiful!

Then Laura asked the group to write down their answers to the first evaluation workshop question from the sheet I give -- What is Godwriting like for you? Your personal experience

Stephen, do you know the source of this? I would like to add this point to the Godwriting™ workshops.

Here are Joyce’s and Laura’s responses:


There is more energy in a group than alone. There are fewer distractions than at home. Yet the silence at home helps. I sometimes feel awkward reading my Godwriting in the group. Still the feedback is most gratifying.  When I read over my other Godwriting I am amazed!


Godwriting brings me a feeling of a greater connection with God, with my Innermost deepest Self. I don't always feel the exact same way when I don't write. My art and dance flow from the same space and I feel the connection. The words and messages that flow thru though when writing are unique to Godwriting. I feel greater peace and wholeness when I write, and when I'm done writing for that time, I feel the same when I'm alone and in a group. The group though gives me an expanded sense of wholeness, a larger community to feel the same way. 

The group also talked about the three evaluations that came from Arnand, Pierre, and Normand also in response to the first evaluation question. You can see them here:

Laura also passed on these gems from the Godwriting™ at the February workshop:

The gem God gave Joyce went something like:

I Am the Stronghold you need to embrace totally.

Wow! Joyce, what more than this one statement do we need?!!!

And then the gem Stephen received:

When you lose yourself in the service of others, you strengthen the connection that's always there.

Stephen, this is the one other statement we need!

And then from what God gave Laura, came another main point:

For the Truth is, we are always connected. We are One. Come back to this awareness and Be. Be the Wholeness and Oneness. You can't help but be it. You are already that.

God in Heavenletters™ make these three points again and again:

God is Our strength, we are to serve, and there is Oneness.

Laura, thanks again for hosting the workshop. Looking forward to the next one. (I wish I could be in two places at the same time.)

The True Seat of Intelligence

(Laura, I see your beautiful painting that you so generously had loaned to me!)


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Dearest Gloria, Great write up! And wonder to have Joyce and Stephen at my home to share together God's Words. Please note though that the painting in the background is one of my newest big ones that you haven't seen in person yet. The two I made for you are hanging at my art show in Fairfield. Wish you could be here to get a walk-through!!!! Continue to have fun in South Africa. Love, Laura

Oops, typo, meant to say wonderFUL to have Joyce and Stephen....

I want this painting too!

And I want to be at every continuing ed Godwriting workshop!

Thanks again for sponosring this one, beloved Laura. Just reading about it makes me hungry for more.

Godwriting is not being in your head. Being together and Godwriting,
is like the phrase, " whenever one or two gather together, I am with you".
That's how I feel, God is with us.

Joyce, I love how you express this. This will have to go into the Godwriting™ book.

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