Quick thoughts upon leaving Istanbul

This morning we fly to Israel.

The dear lady who gave up her bedroom for me in this Sufi House is sleeping on the couch in the living room next to the dining room where I am typing, and I am trying not to disturb her. I am typing in the dark and will have to post my Godwriting from the workshop another time.

As I was typing today's Heavenletter this morning in the very early hours, I heard the voices from the mosques of those who are praising God. Can you imagine what a wonderful thing it is to hear the beautiful voices of those at prayer five times a day? What would happen to the world if this were done in every country? I will miss the sound of these voices.

Last night at supper, Effendi beckoned to me to sit at his right. Then he proceeded to put marvelous food on my plate. That's the thing with Effendi. He is always thinking of others. He doesn't forget anyone. He honors all in his presence. He certainly has honored me.  He doesn't miss a trick. One minute he is handing out great Sufi wisdom. The next he is making sure I taste everything at the table. The next he is calling his assistant and asking him to drive Santhan and me to the airport this morning.

How can I have lived most of my life without such love and hospitality. I think most of us have somehow managed without such abundance of love.  May everyone feel the love that abounds here.  May we all find ways to give love so generously as the people of this beautiful land.

I have to be brave to leave this Sufi House in Istanbul. How lucky I am to have been welcomed here.  It has to be a miracle. For a little while, I have lived as a Guest just like in a Sufi poem.

This morning I leave one Holy Land for another. Edna, who is Heaven's Hebrew translator, sent me the following email. I have the feeling that Edna's fourth floor apartment is like a Sufi House.

My beloved angels,

It's my honor to have you as guests of pure Divine love and friendship at my humble apartment.

And, yes, you can give my phone number to all the subscribers in Israel and they can meet Santhan and you here, my pleasure.

Ho, I am so excited. Wow.

Dears, please let me know if you eat everything? Vegetarian or what? Don't be shy. I would love to prepare everything.

Love, Edna


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More and more, I feel included in your journey and its wonders as a participant.

Gloria did you notice how the mosques were blazing at nights in Istanbul? I liked that very much.

Still here in Istanbul.. recieved the email from Lale and Jale.. will leave the city within a few hours... Good bye Istanbul and dear friends.


Dear Gloria and Heavenangels,

I can well understand how difficult it must be to leave such lovely hearts dear ! hope we could all meet soon again in one big world wide Godwriting meeting !
Wish you a wonderful flight dear and eager to hear more from you.

Infinite love to all

What a wonderful vicarious trip we are having through our dear GG. I can't wait to read about Israel.

Dear Gloria, thanks a lot for keeping us updated on your travel... as previously written from Jochen is like being there with you. Reading of the workshop in Istambul made me feel how true is the phrase "we are all one". When we act with our hearts wide open barriers dissolve and we speak a unique language, the language of love. Wish you great moments in the Holy Land.

Dear Gloria and Admin. I am not surprised at all the Love and care you recieve. Is it not what GOD teaches. "The more you love and care the more love and care will come your way". I am like Jochem I follow your adventures with great interest. Love Jack.

Please instead of recieve read receive. Love YOu ALL Jack

Beloved Jack, since when does it matter what your spelling is! Your love is all we want, and that is what you give. A dictionary can spell correctly. Only you can give us Jack.

Everyone's comments simply dazzle me. Thank you.

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